M320: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the course pre-requisites?
As mentioned in the lecture on course prerequisites, here are some of the terms and references for your benefit:

MongoDB Concepts and Vocabulary

Relational Database Concepts and Vocabulary

General Database Concepts and Definitions

MongoDB Compass and Atlas

2. Issues while setting up the Validator:
If you are facing problem setting up the Validator, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a New Folder and copy the validate_m320 file to this newly created folder.

  2. (For Mac) If the below warning message pops up when running the validator, make sure to give this application permission to run. Follow these instructions to allow the application to run on your machine.

  3. In the future labs and exercises, please move your .json file handouts to this folder too, and execute your validations as per the instructions mentioned in the labs.

3. Difference between MongoDB Certification and Proof of Completion?

When you complete any course and you get >=65% after the final exam, then what you get is Proof of Completion . This is to confirm that you have passed that particular course.

MongoDB Certification is professional certification which you get after passing the certification exam. Currently, we have two different certifications available: Developer and DBA Certification. There is study guide to help you prepare as well for the certification exam.