M312: What to do with londonbikes.tgz download file?

I am going through M312 but I don’t know how to use the downloaded londonbikes.tgz ? I tried to search on this forum and followed the command “tar zxvf londonbikes.tgz” and that created a few .gz files. I am stuck and don’t know what to do next to be able to run mongorestore with this.

Any help is appreciated.


Please check this link

Your .sh script would have given the steps on how to restore the file

M312 Chapter 3 - mongorestore command

Already looked at that link and after unpack I get ‘.gz’ files. Running mongorestore command give me the following: “don’t know what to do with file “/dataset/londonbikes/rides_both.bson.gz”, skipping…”
Now the question is, how to unpack .gz files? and why Mongodb tutorials not talk about it when providing the handouts in such formats?

I believe this is an advanced course
mongorestore is covered in previous courses
Please read mongodb documentation for more details on mongorestore options
You don’t have to unpack the file

with --gzip it takes care of import

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Thanks. --gzip helped.