M312 Final Exam - Question 5

One of the item in the Question 5 in M312 Final Exam is:

      Jumbo chunks can be moved manually.

In the MongoDB Document, sh.moveChunk() — MongoDB Manual
I can see the following statements:

" By default, MongoDB cannot move a chunk if the number of documents in the chunk is greater than 1.3 times the result of dividing the configured chunk size by the average document size. Starting in MongoDB 4.4, the moveChunk command can specify a new option ‘forceJumbo’ to allow for the manual migration of chunks too large to move, with or without the jumbo label."

Does it mean the jumbo chunk can be manually moved with MongoDB 4.4? If not, what do the statements above really mean?

Thank you so much. - Keith

I think it’s just that the course material is outdated. Even the vagrant environment for this course uses Mongo 3.4.2.

According to the 4.4 docs, jumbo chunks can be moved manually by using forceJumbo. This means that item is false in 3.4, which is what this course uses, but it is true in 4.4 and later.

Thank you so much for the clarification.