M312: Failed to start mongod in vagrant

Hi all,
I followed the instruction successfully install and setup vagrant for M312

But I got “ERROR: child process failed, exited with error number 1” when I tried to start mongod

mongod -f /shared/rtd.cfg


I’ve checked that

  1. No previous instance of mongod is running
  2. Port 27001 is not occupied by another process
  3. owner of /home/vagrant/rtd/log and /shared/rtd.cfg is vagrant, Thus should not be permission issues.

Does anyone can help on this? Many many thanks

Please show contents of your config file
Does your mongod.log show more details?


The configuration rtd.cfg is provided in course materials “m312/response_time_degredation.zip”.

The is no log generated in the log folder.

The content of configuration rtd.cfg is below:

  port: 27001
  fork: true
  destination: "file"
  path: "/home/vagrant/rtd/log"
  logAppend: true
  dbPath: /home/vagrant/rtd
      cacheSizeGB: 0.25

Give a name to your logfile say mongod.log or RTD.log whatever you wish and try to start mongod again
You did not show full error from your terminal.If logfile is missing it would have written to your terminal cause for failure

Finally, I found out I have to create an empty mongod.lock. Thanks