M312: Chapter 3: 1st Lab, very difficult

In M312: Diagnostics and Debugging, Chapter 3: Slow Queries;
there are two labs:

  1. Building an Index in the Foreground in Production
  2. Analyse Profiler Data

Though I have successfully solved the second one.
I have to say I am totally lost with the first one.

Trying to make sense of the data I can see was a proper way to go in the second lab but appears to be wrong (or lead to non exact answers) with the first.

Any hint (even just a suggestion on which video to refer to in the lectures) would be very much appreciated.

Hi @Michel_Bouchet,

Apologies for the late reply here as we have been on limited availability due to Christmas/New Year break!!

Please share the progress that you have made in the lab and then I can help you with the further steps.

Kind Regards,

Thank you for your reply. I also thought that Christmas/New Year was probably not a good timing for questions. Happy New Year anyway!

Concerning my question, in fact I have left it as the only unanswered question in the course so I have to go back to it at some point. You have given me some indications in the other thread. If you go and take a look you will see, it also brings some further questions where I definitely need some help. My answer there is more technical than here.