M312: Chapter 3: 1st Lab: I've got a different result

Hi, everybody
In 1st lab of chapter3 of M312 course, part of my mongod.log file is:

mongod.txt (26.8 KB)

and for me the answer is:
Less than one second before the index build began


I INDEX [conn44] index build: starting on m312.employees properties: { v: 2, key: { last_name: 1, first_name: 1 }, name: “last_name_1_first_name_1”, ns: “m312.employees” } using method: Hybrid

I think the word “hybrid” at the end of the index build line means that the index creation uses a hybrid mechanism (a combination of foreground and background), and that’s why I got a different result,

Am I right?

Check this link for hybrid method


Check oplog.rs for operations around index build

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