M310 lost access to shared from database

At some point in finishing up week1 for m310, my database server lost access to the shared folder (but my infrastructure server is still fine). I have tried going thru Virtualbox tools to make them identical – but nothing seems to make the shared folder come back. I was able to copy in the files I needed to complete week1 – so what we do from here is for the following weeks.

What would be a good way to either

  • repair access to the shared folder from the database VM
  • torch what I have and rebuild

I tried several things, but my path to recovery included

  1. updating VirtualBox to current release
  2. running “vagrant reload”

I am not positive upgrading did anything to help. However, it did seem to give “vagrant reload” an excuse to update things (many messages about the upgrade of versions). After “vagrant reload” completed – I had access to shared and my week1 files were still in place within the VM. Yay!