M220P: create/update comments (ticket in Chapter 2)

I went through the forum posts re the ticket create/update comments. However, I am still stuck with this ticket… :frowning:

After hours of trying, I am on the edge of surrendering…

What ist wrong with:

"name": user.name, 
"email": user.email, 
'movie_id': ObjectId(movie_id), 
'text': comment, 

in the ‘add_comment’-function?

I really do not get the point.

Moreover it seems that there is a similar problem with:

        { '_id':ObjectId(comment_id), 'email': user_email },
        { '$set': { "text": text, 'date':date }}

in the ‘update_comment’ function.

Any hint is very welcome!!


@Vinz_16012 you’ve got more fields than was instructed in the comments within the script:

It’s specifically asking you to implement only the fields listed.

I would also suggest that you edit your post to exclude the possible answers.

… and it’s also helpful to mention which Chapter it relates to :wink:

Thanks for responding. I may be blind, but I count 5 fields and I thought to have implented 5 fields (ref. edited post)?

I probably read that wrong because of the lack of formatting and lack of sleep :slight_smile: .
What you currently have looks good. Try adding a space between 'date':date to become 'date': date so that it’s consistent with the other fields; do the same for _id. And also try adding --verbose when calling the validator for info on what’s wrong.

Hi @Vinz_16012,

Please let me know if the suggestion provided by @007_jb worked for you.


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Hi Kanika

So far, my problems are not solved yet. However I much appreciate the hints given by 007_jb. As I am not a professional programmer (however, I am using MongoDB for professional reasons), it might be something silly which a professional programmer would not do wrong…
It would be great to have a teaching assistant who could take a look at ones code in case problems like mine.
I wonder for example if my mistake could be located in the ticket before even though I was able to complete that one.
Anyway thanks for asking. I probably won’t be able to commit all tickets by tomorrow as my time budget is more or less used. I will have to retake to course…

Kind regards,


Hi @Vinz_16012,

Sure, you are right. I was away last week, so sorry for not getting back in time. :slight_smile: I have sent you a direct message where you can share the code with me.

That won’t be able to help you with the time, but may help you for the next offering.


Part timer :wink: :beach_umbrella:

I was out for MongoDB Conference. which was last week. :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same issue. My tests pass, but I can’t get validated. Can I share that section of my code with someone? Thanks

Have you tried adding --verbose to the validator call?
<name of validator>.py --verbose

Can’t help with that unfortunately. Only the Curriculum Engineers can.

Thanks for the reply. Here is my output when I add --verbose:

“tests/test_delete_comments.py::test_add_comment_should_be_implemented PASSED [ 33%]
tests/test_delete_comments.py::test_should_not_delete_comment_if_email_does_not_match PASSED [ 66%]
tests/test_delete_comments.py::test_delete_comment_should_delete_if_email_is_owner PASSED [100%]”

Let’s see the output for --verbose 2.

Here is the output for the second:

"tests/test_create_update_comments.py::test_add_comment PASSED [ 25%]
tests/test_create_update_comments.py::test_update_comment PASSED [ 50%]
tests/test_create_update_comments.py::test_do_not_update_comment_if_is_not_owner PASSED [ 75%]
tests/test_create_update_comments.py::test_delete_is_given PASSED "

It’s passes all round! This one is definitely for @Kanika.

By the way, do you relaunch the mflix website for every single test?

Yeah…I thought the same thing. I refreshed the page and am getting the same output. Here are my screens:

I wouldn’t worry as much if the due date wasn’t tomorrow.

Don’t worry, the Curriculum Engineers will sort it out under these circumstances.
Just so I understand, the mflix site is not generating a code?

Exactly…despite having passed tests