M220P Chapter 1 Ticket (Projection)

Currently I am looking at the methods contained in the db.py file in my terminal…

Can I import the files into VS Code and run them there? I would like to use the sandbox in VS Code., but I am unsure if I can import the mflix-python project into VS Code.

Hey @David_Thompson,

Sure, you can use any IDE to complete functions of .py files. When you complete a function in db.py, please proceed to the status page and click on the particular lab’s ticket to check if that function is successfully implemented or not. For .ipynb files, it will be better to open them in juypter notebook and edit and run them in there itself.

Steps to open the mflix-python folder in VS Code:

  1. Open VS Code and click Open

  2. Select the mflix-python folder and click Open. You should be able to see all files and folders in VS Code now.

Let us know if the doubt persists. Feel free to reach out for anything as well.


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