M220P Chapter 0 pytest-m connectionpy

ı’ve use dnspython==2.1.0 and pymongo==4.0.1
when i run pytest -m connectionpy i see this error "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘UserDict’
what must i do for this error
system ubuntu 20

You have changed the required library versions, so if we try to correct this error you get it may lead to many other errors throughout the course.

Please do not change the installation requirements for the course. You are given a set of instructions on how to set up the environment. The unfortunate thing is that it does not say which python version is compatible which leads the kinds of problems you are having. Required libraries are not compatible with recent python versions.

When I took the course, I found out that “Python version 3.8” is working for this course. So, create a new virtual environment for this version, then you shall not have any problems during the course, other than writing correct queries. (Try 3.7 if you find installation problems for requirements)

Good luck

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