M220N User Preferences

Ok… I looked at the TestUpdateUserPrewferences and I understand what is going on… I think.

The test is adding a user (Name, Email, Password)
It is then setting some Preferences using Dictionary <string, string> (Basically Key Value pairs)

It is then getting this data and comparing it to the inserted query to make sure the data matches.

Here is my question. I understand that I have the email, dictionary, and the cancellation token passed in.

Where I get confused is the new BsonDocument portion. The way I understand it is I make a new BsonDocument that contains the email of the user,…
Where I am not sure is whether I also pass in the preferences…

I added this and I cannot get the test to return the person that is supposed to be added.

 new BsonDocument("Email", email),

When I pass this, I know it is references the string email passed to the function. But when I run the test, it returns an error "Expected null But was: “No user found with that email”.

It registers this message twice…

I don’t know how to pass multiple fields to a new BsonDocument, I believe it is just like this “Email”, email, “Preferences”, preferences but I am unsure because this errors out…

Any pointers?

Never Mind… I got it.

 new BsonDocument("email", email)