[M220JS] Connection: The return from the api was incorrect

My npm test -t db-connection works fine, pass all tests. But in /status page show error:

Connection: The return from the api was incorrect

I got codes and data from github https://github.com/mongodb-university/mflix-js

I can see all 20 movie on index page… but any test work no status page.

Zip file data inside https://university.mongodb.com is different from github data folder. Which do I use?

Ps; I didn’t see if the files are different, but it can ?

Yes, code from github is different. I will only use zip from university.mondodb… Ok?

Hi @Johan_62291,

Yes, you need to use whatever is inside the zip file. And you don’t need to import data if you have loaded Sample database from Atlas. :slight_smile:


The sample data I loaded today contains 23539 records against the 45993 the connection test expects and also the second lab for projection is either timing out or returning 1468 movie records against the 2788 the test expects. I had to verify from compass for the query and the record is actually 1468 records.

Please download the Handout file.

The data you have imported is correct.


Need to fix files on github, because there is said option to use zip or github file in course content.

And data files are named with “sample” in the begin… is diff from zip and sample data from Atlas import.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for notifying the issue. We will soon update the files on github.

In the meanwhile, please use the handout zip file.