M220 - Ticket: User Report

I’m trying to pass “TestGetsTopTwenty()” test.
I have this code:

result = await _commentsCollection
                    .Group(c => c.Email, g => new { Id = g.Key, Count = g.Count() })
                    .SortByDescending(g => g.Count)
                    .Project(rp => new ReportProjection { Id = rp.Id, Count = rp.Count })

I get 277 instead of 331 for “Assert.AreEqual(331, result.Report.First().Count);” assertion.

Can you help me?

Most likely it is the same issue as:

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I found that the new sample codebase is updated with the correct value as 277 for “result.Report.First().Count”, in my case I am getting error for the last Assert statement which is for “result.Report.Last().Count”, I am getting value as 242 instead of 292.


I also had 242 as the Last().Count which makes sense as it should be less then the First().Count value of 277.


I also had 242 for result.Report.Last().Count