M220: setting up Atlas and compass

Hi, trying to set up compass , the Atlas string can not be copied and pasted. I had to type it myself. My data set is missing. What is wrong with my operations?

You are not connected to an Atlas cluster but to localhost.


Hi Steeve Juneau,
Trying to connect to Atlas cluster, mongo compass doesn’t accept my string. compass is loaded into my machine. When I go to Atlas page and copy the string , the paste is not active. Would you please help me ?

I don’t know why the paste doesn’t work ? I typed it myself.

You are missing the password between the second : and @.

Which OS? Did you tried with Ctrl-V or something else?

Choose connect–new connection
I think when you open compass it will show autopopulated last connect string you used
Or you can use edit button remove old connect string and paste your new string.

Hi Ramachandra ,
Thanks for trying to help me. I had an account and one organization “MDBU” and a project “project1”. Then for M220JS course I created a new organization “MDBU2”
and a new project under it “project2”. When I looked at the lecture one of M220 carefully , it
seems the m220 Atlas connection string is different from mine. Probably either the people
responsible for this course must delete MDBU2 and create a project under MDBU for me, Or
If you please can send me the right connection string for M220 course . On the lecture page although I can see the connection string is different from mine, but is not very clear.