M220 pytest pass status fails

Any idea? Thank you

How to you start the application?

Can you post a screenshot of the command you use?

Thank you Steeve.
2021-06-04 (2)

After that, I open the app in Chrome or Edge with the address. However, I had no problem with the previous tickets.

That is how it should be.

If I look at your code, I think you might be missing a limit. You want all pages to only show movies_per_page movies not just the first one aka page 0.

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Hi @Marco_67125

Did @steevej suggestion movies_per_page help you in this exercise and does the test now pass?

Let us know if you are still encountering any issues.

Kindest regards,

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Thank you Eoin. A little bit busy these days. As soon as I catch up with the exercise, I’ll certainly let you know.
Best wishes

Wonderful! Thank you. I was always thinking that skip and limit were mutually exclusive.

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