M220 Data Modelling

If you are doing the course at the moment, don’t worry about this post, come back to it later, it doesn’t relate to what you are doing at this time.

This is related to a mention of a video from 2017 MongoDB World, in this course, regarding collection design - NoSQL Design Patterns

In the video it mentions a course M220 Data Modelling, did that course every get finished?

Maybe it was already removed again :slight_smile:

MongoU have discontinued a few older courses over the years.

I have moved this topic from M103 into Uncategorized.

I thought it may have been in the On-Demand section :frowning:

The video from 2017 was worth watch though, especially for people starting out.

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They will still find this thread :slight_smile: I didn’t remove it from the site :slight_smile:

The work is in-progress for Data Modeling course. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any dates yet! But you will see it in a few months.


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Thanks Kanika,

The video though short makes you consider the structure and usage of your data, since there is a mental shift required in schema design.

I hope those course transcripts are coming along soon :slight_smile: … the time it takes me to write my own are a real time sink :frowning:

I have been reading my Admin course notes, and there are some real bad typo’s on my part :slight_smile:

It will take some time. But the work is in our pipeline. :slight_smile: