M220 course without Atlas access?

If it possible to take 220 course without Atlas access - on my mongodb://localhost?
Due to some reason I have no access.

Yes ofcourse. There is sample data in the zip file itself. All the instructions are in README.

Instead of Atlas cluster, import it in your local db and wherever the host parameter is used, give the localhost value with appropriate port number. :slight_smile:


I am able to work with local db. but…
Where I can get “validation code” that I should submit?
As far as I understand it should be given after integration tests in the Atlas.

Haw can I get validation code locally?

You will get the validation code locally when you run the mflix application as shown in MongoDB University videos.

But you have to change the dotini_win file provided by MongoDB University, where SECRET_KEY should be '' and MFLIX_DB_URI should be mongodb://localhost:27017 (assuming that you didn’t change your MongoDB default port). Make this change for both [PROD] and [TEST] entries.

Save the file as .ini and try running the mflix application.

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