M201 Resource Allocation for Indexes

I am looking at the lecture and trying to run the indexDetails in the Compass Shell.

In the _MONGOSH shell I get the following

I first typed the use M201 in the shell to switch to the 201 database. I am trying to run the indexDetails command against the Lab 1 Index (It is the index used for Lab1).

In the M201 database is the people collection with the Lab 1 index in it.
(I didn’t use the _ character in naming the index… Do I need to?)
Here is the result in trying to make the variable stats.

var stats = db.people.stats({indexDetails: true})
TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexDetails' of undefined

What is wrong with this?

Should it not be use m201?
Can you get output from a simple query
db.people.findOne() while connected with use M201

Your variable command works fine in older mongo shell