M201 Local Installation of MongoDB

I have been messing with mongo off and on since version 3.6 (I believe) I know it was a version 3…

Can someone please explain this to me? I want to be able to start a local version of mongoDB Enterprise for my own testing. I am unfamiliar with this and I don’t know what is meant by this screen.


Don’t know why this pic wont upload???

It has a checkbox and asks me if I want to install MongoD as a Service. Then is asks if I want to run service as Network Service User or Run service as a local or domain user… What one do I select?

When you install mongod as service it runs in background and it gets started automatically after your server reboot
If you don’t install it as service everytime you have to spin up your mongod
Try to use run service as local user
Check this link for more details