M201 lesson 3.9 .find

Hi all,

I’m on M201 lesson 3.9 right now and I’m trying to follow along and everything goes well until I get to expRun.find({“last_name”:“Johnson”, “address.state”:“New York”})

I get the following error. uncaught exception: ReferenceError: expRun is not defined :

Could someone point me in the right direction?

You are missing a step that looks like :

expRun = db.CollectionName....

Thanks! where would that go? My terminal is black. The other screenshot is following the university course

You do

exp = db.people. …

but you use

expRun.find( … )

if you use expRun you have to execute the command show in the course that looks like

expRun = …

like I mentioned above

You are getting uncaught exception: … because you forgot to specify the value for the field last_name.

Thanks! When I removed Run. I was able to pull the document, but the explain plan wasn’t included.

But it is. The document you show is the explain plan. This is not a document from the people collection.