M201 Lab2.1 - Need help to understand the options

I attempted Lab2.1 of M201, as per my understanding, however I am not getting to the correct option. As per my understanding , seems to be correct, but I am wrong. I also read the page https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/tutorial/sort-results-with-indexes , but seems still I am unable to get through.

Is there a better way to understand this and solve it ? Any clue, or pointers ?

For ease of reference, here are the details:

The Index:
{ “first_name”: 1, “address.state”: -1, “address.city”: -1, “ssn”: 1 }

And the question I am trying to answer is: Which of the above queries are able to use the index for both filtering and sorting?

Remember that you already have a sample people dataset? Create the index and look at the explain plan for each query.


Thank you so much, I was able to resolve it.