M201 Lab 1.1 instructions might be potentially incorrect

Was the intention to import both the json files into the same collection “people” or the second import was supposed to be into a collection named “restaurants” ? Pls confirm.

mongoimport --drop -c people --uri mongodb://localhost:27017/m201 people.json mongoimport --drop -c people --uri mongodb://localhost:27017/m201 restaurants.json

I inspected the json file and people.json has email column while restaurants.json doesnt. so the lab answers will be incorrect if second import drops the people collection and inserts data into it.

Good eye! There’s a recent thread re this.

Thank you double O seven :grinning: Shall replace “people” collection with “restaurants” in the second import.

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Hi All,

We are upgrading the courses and this issue from our end has been resolved for all the future offerings.

Thanks for reporting this!!