M201 Chapter 4 Lab 4.2 question wrong when it was right

The last lab, 4.2, in Chapter 4: CRUD Optimization of MongoDB M201 Performance, I got it wrong. I had typed out the whole syntax for the index to query instead of just {stars : 1}. I typed:
db.restaurants.createIndex({stars : 1}), and I even tried:
db.restaurants.createIndex({stars : 1, cuisine : 1}).

Is there a way I can get a passing grade on this? I didn’t realize it only wanted that small portion of the index instead of the whole thing.

Hi @Melissa_Thompson,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums! :leaves:

I have given you the credits for this lab. Please read question statements carefully the next time. Also, just so you know, overall grades are not shown in your certificate and since this was the first graded assignment that you got wrong, there was no need to worry! :smile: Hoping you are enjoying the course and finding it useful. :dizzy:

Please feel free to reach out for anything else as well.


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