M201 Chapter 4 Lab 4.2 Aggregation Performance

I am on my last attempt and I need to ask a question.

According to the “Equality, Sort, Range” principle it appears that the index needed is based on the stars and cuisine fields in this order.

I deleted and ran the query in the MongoSH portion of compass and the query fails because of memory size. I created an index on the stars and cuisine fields and reran the query. The query runs, but when I enter {stars: 1, cuisine: 1} into the text portion of the lab it fails.

Since the lab ONLY asks me to fix the problem of the query not running, why isn’t this an acceptable answer?

I entered the answer as:
{stars: 1, cuisine: 1}
{ stars: 1, cuisine: 1 }
Both errored out.

Well… Maybe I should reread the directions. LOL It asks for the smallest amount of fields that resolves the error. OOOPPSS !!! I got it. LOL

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