M2 Cluster API Curl call to make index, but disappears


I have been trying to create an index for my m2 cluster via the API using CURL.

It says it is a success, with status progress and also shows up temporarily in the atlas UI.
However, shortly after it disappears… Is there any solution for this?

Nowhere does it say that you can not create indexes through the API using CURL.

also in this post is says you should get a different error if it weren’t to be possible / you can do it through the mongosh for example.

Thanks all the help is appreciated.

It looks like the API only allows you to create a rolling index, which is not supported by the shared tier clusters (M0, M2, M5):

I agree it should show you an error message as stated in the post you linked.


From what I read from the post and the API documentation it does not mention that this specific call is based on a rolling basis.

Also in the post, he talks about bypassing his problem by going to Mongosh iirc.

However, when I try it I get an In progress status back… this means in theory it should work and was excepted. Also I physically see the index appearing for 5 seconds in Atlas after I post the curl command.

How can it does not work then? Because there isnt a direct statement in the api documentation or the documentation of mongo that this not possible on m2 clusters through an api call. Only that it doesnt work with nodejs, etc.

Would you know if this is a bug then since it sounds like it?