M121 mongodb community version

I already have the latest version of MongoDB community version installed on my Mac,

do I still need to install the enterprise version to follow with this course?

And if I need to install the enterprise edition, what is the recommandation installation over the community version,

can I have both installed or I need to uninstall and reinstall?



I guess you can install it to a new path.


@kobiebisschoff is correct, as long as you install it on a new path there should not be any problems. Anyway, Community edition is OK for this course, please note that you only need the Mongo Shell as we are working on an Atlas instance.

José Carlos

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Hi, I have installed the MongoDB Compass Edition v1.15.4 that work fine but in the video the teacher has a schema tab that in my version is missed.


That might be due to your permissions, e.g. I can see the schema tab for the movies collection in the aggregations DB. Anyway, is this question in the right course? It looks like it should be posted on M001…

José Carlos

Ok, thanks for your reply.
Anyway just installed the Compass standard I solved the problem

Glad you managed it to work!