M121 Lab1 $Match

Hi all,

I am having error 2020-12-02T13:56:19.390+0100 E QUERY [js] uncaught exception: ReferenceError: pipeline is not defined :

for the $match lab. I have loaded the validateLab1.js ok, but on running it validateLab1(pipeline) I get the above error. Please what am I doing wrong?

Thank you

How did you define pipeline?

The .js file has the pipeline variable in lowercase. I am supposed to define another var instance?

because I just loaded the file as was told then called it. I am sure there is something I missed out on and not doing. Please guide me or a clue. I don’t want the answer.


The error you get is

so the variable pipeline is not defined where it is used, that is the validation script. Before running the validation you have to define the variable to the pipeline you want the script to validate. So somewhere it should look like:

pipeline = [ .... ]
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Ok. thank you. I got the clue now. Let me wok on it.


@steevej-1495. Thank you so much for the clue, yes it took me time but I now understand and I figured it out. :grinning: