M121: $graphLookup

Whenever I do the show collections, after use air I get the following error on the database.

Warning: unable to run listCollections, attempting to approximate collection names by parsing connectionStatus.


@ Apurva_Kunkulol

Notice that there is no database in the system named air. So you’re trying to list collections on a non-existent database – hence the error.

Exactly, but the same was used in the lecture video. So I assumed that I have to use the same and tried to access it since I thought it would be there on the cloud.
Although I found it in the other collections.

@ Apurva_Kunkulol

Ummm… well, there’s lots of things shown in the lectures in various courses that are not – for a variety of reasons – made available. So I’d recommend that if you want to follow along, be sure to do a show dbs and show collections before you jump in to be sure the data in the Lecture is present. HTH.