M121 Course setup Mongo shell

Hi, I’m having trouble setting up for M121 course. What exactly is required? MongoDB Atlas? Local MongoDB? Mongo Shell?
I’ve installed MongoDB Enterprise edition mentioned in the course and discovered that MongoDB local server is started after the installation and if I execute mongo.exe it just going to connect to that local database.
How can I use Mongo Shell? How to pass in the given connection string when I’m already connected?
I love all the course so far and getting stuck on the set up is such a bad experience.

I’m also stuck at the same point.

I don’t think you need Entp. edition for this course.Just shell is enough

If you are already connected to local mongod instance just exit/quit from it and run mongo “your_m121_connect_string” from Windows cmd prompt(if your os is Windows) or from #,$ prompt if it is Unix/Linux

gets to move on using this