M121, chapter1 Lab $match: vscode playground load('validateLab1.js') error

After upgrading to mongosh 1.5.1, mongosh can handle load(’…’) successfully and the loaded function works as supposed.
However, vscode mongodb playground still throws up error, ‘[COMMON-90002] load is not currently implemented for this platform’ when trying out ‘load()’.
My playground is set to use ‘mongosh’.
Can I get it over?

this one is still an open issue on the extension’s side. please check this thread and join the discussion.

meanwhile, you can still copy the whole content of validation files into the plaground file and it will work just fine out of the box because playground files are javascript files just with a different extension.

var validateLab1 = pipeline => {

use("aggregations"); // DO NOT FORGET THIS LINE
pipeline=[ ... ]
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