M121 | Chapter 3 | Lab 3 ($lookup stage)

My answers (routes count) don’t match the given ones. I’m having trouble finding exactly where the problem lies in my query.
Please help me spot the problem.
My [INCORRECT] solution: [Link]
UPDATE: Same approach, slightly better representation: [Link]

Hey @Vibhu_90869

What’s the issue here? Is it a syntax error or are you not getting the right results?

As an aside, “incorrect” solutions can still give other students too many hints :wink:

I tried a different method from what’s given in the answer.
And I was curious that why didn’t my solution give the correct results (matched from the given answer)

About giving away the solutions, I don’t think there’s any problem here. The problem has 3 options and 3 attempts to clear the Lab :expressionless:. If anyone just wants to clear the lab, it can be done easily and then they can view the Correct Answer.

I’ve spotted the problem with my solution.
It lies [here]… The thing is I’m comparing equality match with either “747” or “380” whereas the solution can also contain instances like “777 763 747” which drops out of my filter.