M121 Chapter 3 final lab answer does not appear to satisfy the question

I was able to determine which of the multi choice answers was the best match for the question, however I did not consider any of the provided answers accurately reflected was was being asked.

Find the list of all possible distinct destinations, with at most one layover, departing from the base airports of airlines that make part of the “OneWorld” alliance. The airlines should be national carriers from Germany, Spain or Canada only. Include both the destination and which airline services that location. As a small hint, you should find 158 destinations.

Whilst the second leg of all 158 destinations are serviced by routes operated by the national carriers from Germany, Spain or Canada, none of these carriers operated routes from their base to the layover destination. In all cases the passenger would have to use an alternative airline for the first leg, in some cases from an alternative alliance.

I therefore find this lab a bit ambiguous and confusing, by my interpretation of the question none of the answers are correct and the hint of 158 destinations is wrong, I make the total destinations operated by the 3 national carriers from their base as 0.

Is this just me reading the the question wrongly or dose the question/answer need to be amended to remove this ambiguity?

I can see exactly what you mean @Robert_70576

Besides the problematic wording, there are a few other problems to highlight:

  1. The lab assumes that everyone understands aviation data.
    i) The concept of Airline Alliances could have been covered in a one or two-liner.
    ii) There should have been some short descriptions for some of the fields, or field names could have been full words instead of abbreviations. For example base, src_airport, dst_airport could have been base_airport, source_airport, destination_airport.
  2. The data has been manipulated.
    i) Take Air Berlin for example, in air_airlines its base airport would most likely be one of the two airports in Berlin (TXL or SXF) or at least somewhere in Germany/Europe, but instead it’s KTE (Kerteh Airport in Malaysia). So when you join this to air_routes the names of the airlines would most likely not match from a source airport point of view… which is the confusion that you’ve noticed.
    ii) Names of airlines have been intentionally misspelled in the air_airlines and air_routes collections

In terms of wording, I think the most problematic part is the second sentence; it doesn’t give enough context, and I can see how this lab can be interpreted in multiple ways.

I suppose, in their defence, they could say that it doesn’t matter who services the routes from the source to the destination (and in-between) as long as it’s from the same alliance. Nevertheless, I hope that the Curriculum Engineers will take our points on board.

Hi @007_jb, @Robert_70576,

Thanks for sharing these feedbacks!!
We are planning to upgrade M121 course and all these points will be considered for the same.

Thanks Again!!