M121 - Chapter 2 - Using Cursor-like Stages

Can someone look this lab? There was no discussion about the aggregate function required to solve this in any of the chapter two lectures. It looks like this may have been an issue last month as well according to this thread Chapter 2 Lab 1 is frustrating.

It’s very frustrating to struggle with the lab and then find out that part of the solution was never something you discussed. I still completed it successfully but I’m still frustrated.


I talked about this here too.

You might already have all the documentation at hand, but for anyone else reading this thread, here’s the documentation required for this course:

Hi @Joseph_80614,

Thank you for sharing your experience!!

I can understand it is frustrating. However, it is recommended to check our documentation for Aggregation as it is difficult to incorporate all the operators and examples in our course content.

Please let me know, if you have any confusion.