M112 link can't be found

were I can find the link to the course m112 (Ops Manger) referenced in the first lecture of chapter 2 ?

M122 is no longer being offered. You’ll find documentation links to both Ops Manager tools within the same link.

thank you for your reply,
Why this course has been retired ? (in your response, the link provides generic answers).
Is this tool will be no longer maintained ? we are going to install it soon, and we would like to know the strategy of mongo for this point.

That’s a question for the guys at MongoDB.

Another question for MongoDB to give you their sales pitch :slight_smile: . However, I think this tool is here to stay.

Click on the link then click on each tool for the full documentation:


Thank you, so we will for the reply of MongoDB for the 2 questions above.

Any way, were can I find the training videos of this Ops Manager ?

Hi @Rami_87586,

As mentioned by @007_jb, you need to refer to our documentation for MongoDB Ops Manager:

We are working on creating the Course material for Ops manager. We will be updating our users when it is ready for release.

Please let me know if you have any questions.