M103: Theoretically, all's well, Pratically, I try

It is an incongruity that I can’t write /var/mongodb/pki in directory. I’ve done M123 but not M103.
Theoretically, I understand the replica set but technically can’t write one.
I must not be the only one.

Not clear what your are saying
There is no M123 course.Did you meant M121?
You cant write to root owned dirs
You need sudo privs and chmod/chown to create dirs under /var

Hi Ramachandra,
You are right: it is M121, sorry for the major error.
Thank you to assist me
Paul-A Dupuis

I’m somewhat shamefull for not having the correct M121 course number. Thank you again.
I’ll try again

Hi @Paulandredupuis,

I would recommend you to register for M103 Basic Cluster Administration Course starting from June 18.

Please feel free to post your doubts here once the course starts and we will help you out in debugging those issues as soon as possible.

Good Luck!!


Thank you Sonali_48808,

I will re-register.

Paul-A. Dupuis

Yes, it is M121

‘‘You need sudo privs and chmod/chown to create dirs under /var’’
I’m taking note … Thank you.