M103 Newbie - Failing Lab and Not even started!

Hello Everyone.

I need help getting the IDE to function at all - as in connecting to port 27000, and “run test”.

“Run Test” - I got he impression that clicking this won’t commit the labs(as in final mark) but this isn’t so.

I am not sure what I am doing, so any help would be gratefully appreciated.

What are you typing on the terminal? (hide your clusterURI).

Also, as far as I remember, submitting exercises isn’t using the IDE, it’s more like a playground, so don’t worry.

well what ever I am doing is being marked


Ups sorry, I misread the course title. I didn’t go through that one, but hopefully someone else will give you a hand.

OK.No probs.Thanks anyways

Post a screenshot of what you are doing that shows the error you are getting.

As requested.

Thanks for the help out!

Your mongod is not up.That’s why you are getting failed to connect message
Please make sure you are using correct area of IDE while running the commands
You entered it in editor area
Run it on terminal

Thanks for input; will review later this afternoon

Hi @Roger_De_Four,

Any update on this :point_down:

~ Shubham

My apologies - had a hectic week,Didn’t have time to test out the solution, but from my own observation, your solution makes sense.

It’s just a matter to test/implement it