M103 mongod command returns error in terminal

I am going through the course M103 chapter 1 the mongod and learning that a daemon is a programmer’s process that is meant to be run but not interacted with ( syntax note ) . I also learned that the mongod is the core server of the database, if I am not mistaken. I am currently running into the following issue in order to proceed in the course. When I get to the Timestamp of 1:44
of the preceding linked video, it asks me to run mongod in the terminal and I
I get a return of

-bash: mongod: command not found 

So, I am taking a beak and letting relationships course and knowledge sink in. I was abit confused I must admit but through continuous re-iteration, I will get there. Wherever that may be. Thanks in advance for any assistance I can get with this inquiry.

You have to run mongod in the terminal of the IDE.

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Thanks @steevej , I am using my terminal in VScode to go through the course. I figured out that I needed to tell npm to go ahead and install that package before I could use it. I appreciate the quick response to my question :grinning:

You will not be able to validate the labs in your VSCode terminal.

You must use the terminal in IDE.

Am I not allowed to use my cluster connected to VSCode in the MongoShell to go through the course? Or is it not recommended. I am just trying to do what I would be doing in the real world while I’m learning. Thanks again.

You are allowed to do whatever. But you will not be able to get your grade because your labs will not be validated. And this course is all about running mongod locally so your cluster (as in Atlas cluster) is useless for this course.

If you want to play outside the IDE you will have to install mongod.


Thanks so much I really appreciate the direction @steevej :blue_heart:

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