M103 lab2:Config File

Hi team,

Please have a look at my config file and suggest me.

# fill out this configuration file, mongod.conf!
# and then use it to run mongod with:
# mongod -f mongod.conf
  dbPath: "/data/db"
  replSetName: M103
   port: 27000
    authorization: enabled

I am unable to create admin user it is throwing the error not master. Please suggest if any changes required in my config file. Adding the error SS

Check your lab steps again
Have you run rs.initiate() ?

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Hi Ramachandra,

I haven’t run rs.initiate() will try doing it. Thanks for your suggestion:)

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Hi Team,

I have completed it. I found that we have to provide only the one that is asked for in question.
[Chapter 01 Lab 2 : Configuration file Error]----->This previous discussion helped me to solve the issue.

(Chapter 01 Lab 2 : Configuration file Error)

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