M103, Chap 1 ; Lab: Configuration File

Hi Team,

I hope you are well,

I am blocked to the lab and I don’t really now why, I tried every thing but I can’t pass.

So firstly, I configure the file mongo.conf


Next As I learned to the last topic:

I enable the port, so I wrote that : mongod --port 27000
mongod --auth

And nothing happen in the terminal, so I put mongod --config mongod.conf

And that doesn’t work again.

the result

other thing everytime I have to open a new terminal to write a new instruction, is it normal ?

When I try to put the authentification

When your lab asks you to use config file use config file only
You are running both command line and config file methods

Your first snapshot looks fine
After creating the user did you run test results?

Thanks for your answer, I just tryed without running Mongod --auth or port and that works fine.
I passed.