M100 Going into the document model lecture

Going into the document model lecture. Just taking a pause for the evening to get some rest. Today I am learning how much more naturally MongoDB is able to work with modern data than a traditional RDMS and the document model makes things much more natural and queries so much simpler. I can see that this is a great fit for me because of my javascript background and familiarity with json objects. I am very excited. Also, kudos to those that put together the courses! The diagrams and lectures and quizzes are all very helpful. Blessings. :blue_heart: :dizzy:


Hi @Jason_Nutt

Thanks for the message and I’m delighted you are enjoying our course as well as learning more about the document model. Good luck with your MongoDB learnings and I’ll be sure to pass your kudos to all involved.

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They deserve it but tell 'em don’t eat to many! :nauseated_face:
Thank you @Eoin_Brazil

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