M001 - not showing completed

I completed all labs and quizzes for chapter 1 but the course overview page only shows 25 of 26 items completed.

Please go thru course page again
On left side expand each topic/lesson (explorer like)
You might have missed some quiz or lesson or lab

Hi Darren, were you able to resolve your problem ? I am having the same issue. Its showing 25 or 26 items completed, although I have completed everything in Chapter 1.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Praveen,

I just checked based on the recommendation from Ramachandra to verify that all of the labs and quizzes are complete. As far as I can tell, all the labs and quizzes are done, and it’s still only showing 25 of 26 completed.

I just checked and far as I can tell, all the labs and quizzes are done. It’s still only showing 25 of 26 completed.

Please check this link

How do I find what is not completed? ( 25 of 26 Items Completed)

Go thru all topics again
Definitely you must have missed to read/complete some lesson
Course instructors can help you if problem is something else

Ok - I went back through all of the videos and made sure I clicked proceed to next section after the video was complete. The course overview page is now showing 26 of 26 items completed. thanks.

Thanks Darren. Same here. I hope it does not cause any issues in opening up Chapter 2 next week. Lets see.

Appreciate your quick response.


Hi @Praveen_37675,

Please make sure you have completed all the labs before proceeding to next chapter as the labs play part in your overall score. As I can check, your response for lab 1.3 Determine the value type, part 2 is not submitted yet.
Please answer the labs before the Chapter due date.

If you have any further query, please let me know.


Thanks Sonali, I will double check that. Appreciate your help !


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Thanks Sonali. This was very helpful. I completed response for lab 1.3 and now I can see 26 of 26 items completed.

Much appreciated !


Hi Darren,

Sonali checked that I was actually missing lab 1.3. So after completing it, now I can see 26 of 26 items completed. Perhaps you can reach out to Sonali as well if she can assist you in similar way.


Hi Praveen - thanks, the issue is fixed on my end as well.