M001 MongoDB Cluster issue : can't find it?

hi everyone can anyone pls help can’t find the cluster view can anyone help me

Your screenshot is not clear.What issue are you facing?

can’t find the cluster button

Are you trying to create your Sandbox cluster?
There is nothing like cluster button.
May be you are referring to clusters tab?
Please clarify and attach screenshot from your Atlas
Which step you are held up?

i can’t find cluster setionc in my atlas interface specificlly in left tab also i have issue with IDE MONGO i can’t reach the run test button pllsss can any one help me

Please paste the connect string in the bottom screen(terminal area) and hit enter
Type or paste your password when it prompts for password

ps:I can connect to your cluster without any issues

MongoDB Enterprise atlas-100cez-shard-0:PRIMARY> show dbs
admin 0.000GB
local 1.295GB

sample_weatherdata 0.003GB
MongoDB Enterprise atlas-100cez-shard-0:PRIMARY> exit

Hi @Azhir_Kd,

Have you been able to resolve your issues by following the steps @Ramachandra_Tummala stated in his response?

Let us know if the issue is still persisting, we will be happy to help!


hi i can’t hit the run test button to get assignment evaluated.

Please zoom your screen with F11 and set it at 80-90%
Also drag the scroll bar on extreme right to bottom

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i can’t get my assignement evaluated cauz the run test button

Hi @Azhir_Kd,

Can you try some Suggested workarounds listed below:

  • Try making the browser fullscreen
  • Reduce the browser zoom level (for example, to 90% or 75% or using " Zoom Out ")
  • Connect an external monitor with a higher resolution

I hope it helps!


it’s working thk you

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