M001: MongoDB Basics - Not able to update Graded assignment

Hello Team,

Thanks for this nice training. I completed all 26 of 26 Items of Chapter 1: Introduction of M001: MongoDB Basics.But in graded assignment I given an incorrect answer in Lab 1.6: Scavenger Hunt, Part 2 which causing my Assignment Due.How I can solve this ? Please let me know asap as this course will end in next 3 hours.

You have exhausted 3 attempts
I don’t think you can change it even if you are within due date
When first attempt went wrong you would have seen 2 attempts remaining
You should be extra careful when selecting answers in next attempts

Thanks for the quick reply. If I knew about this forum before , then probably I would have asked about the issue that I faced and could have given a fair try.My bad luck. In this assignment 's theoratical part I missed or did not hear that there was a space after “gte”: and “lte”: and after comma sign. It’s not an excuse , but I think it should be told during the actual training lecture of this assignment so that beginers can be extra careful and know about this .