M001: MongoDB Basics Chapters

Hello, I’ve noticed that the M001 course had 3 Chapters only and now it has changed to 6 chapters. Is it correct? I’m asking because it is being required on my college to complete this course but some pupils got the course with 3 chapters + final exam and I am having the same course with 6 chapters.

Can anyone help me, please?


Hi @Guilherme_Migliano,

The old course was 3 chapters and a final exam, the new course is 6 chapters. We recently overhauled the course, and you’re taking the updated one! So you might actually be ahead of your classmates in terms of gaining practical knowledge here. :slight_smile:

Do you mind sharing which college and class require you to take this course?

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Kind regards,

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