M001: lab1-Space issue while lading Sample dataset


I am having trouble in labs of Chapter1.

First is i have my Cluster name as Cluster0 instead of Sandbox. Does it really matter?
While loading the sample dataset, i get the below error:
Error while loading data. Target cluster doesnot have enough free space to import dataset.

Which Database is this sample dataset is loading to?
How much space does that target database has?
Can i clear up some space? or update sample dataset to have smaller dataet?

You might have already loaded data
Do you see any DBs with show dbs?
Check this link

Trying to load sample data error

For cluster name issue you can drop existing cluster and create new one with Sandbox
or create another project and load the data fresh

Hi Ramachandra,

Thanks for your prompt response. I terminated the cluster0 and recreated as Sandbox.

I could load the Sampledataset successfully as well.

Thanks again,