M001 End of Chapter IDE

Currently at the end of each chapter there is an IDE that is used throughout the lesson for the student to enter queries on and provide answers.

I just ran the test button on an empty chapter 4 IDE and it passes. This indicates to me that there is no actual passing requirement other than to give me the option to practice the entire lessons objectives at the end of each chapter.

Having said this, I myself prefer to use my own terminal on my computer and log into the server (it is the same process as with the end of chapter IDE). I like this as it allows me a true command line experience. Have you ever thought of doing it this way, or giving the option to do it this way? I think it is better practice in that it allows the student to become familiar with the actual terminal.

Just my thoughts.

This is the terminal I use. I think all students should be encouraged to use their computers terminal.

Hi @David_Thompson,

Thank you for your suggestion for encouraging the learners to use their personal computer terminal.

As initial thoughts, we had built the course in such a way so learners do not need to go anywhere outside the university platform to learn and practice the concepts. So, they can learn without getting distracted or confused.

Moreover, I’m glad for your thoughtfulness. :slightly_smiling_face:

I appreciate your concern about being thoughtful about MongoDB university courses, and I will surely forward this suggestion to the concerned team.

In case of any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you out.


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The previous version of the course was like you wish.

But a lot of people could not install the shell on their computer. They started with a bad experience with MongoDB because of their inexperience. The IDE removed part of the initial hurdle.

Others had issues with firewall, NAT routers or company VPN. They could install the shell but could not connect. The IDE removed part of that initial hurdle.

But you are right, nothing beats using your own computer. Having nothing to install is however an easier introductions.