M001 Done. What should I look for next?

I really enjoyed the straction of M001 lessons and the MondoDB concept in general. Am wondering what is the next step or which course should I sign up for to continue learning more about MongoDB?

Hi Artur_48406,

Congratulations on completing your first basics course with MongoDB! :partying_face:

Next course that I would recommend would be M103: Basic Cluster Administration. And then if you are in development and looking for developer courses, check for Developer: M220 course section with different languages: Python, Node, Java and NodeJS. We have revamped these courses.

And then I would recommend M121: aggregation framework course which will teach you about aggregation.

Hope to see you in one of these courses!!!



Biggest question would be: are you a developer or a systems administrator? Which direction would you like your development to head into?

Me, I’m a sysadmin and security engineer. I took M001 (intro), M103 (clustering), M201 (performance) and M310 (security). I’ll also do M312 (diagnostics) sometime soon.