M001 - Correct answers marked wrong twice

Chapter 5 Quiz 1 - sort() and limit()

I answered the question correctly by choosing the first option which is db.companies.find({ “founded_year”: { “$ne”: null }},
{ “name”: 1, “founded_year”: 1 }
).limit(5).sort({ “founded_year”: 1 })
and db.companies.find({ “founded_year”: { “$ne”: null }},
{ “name”: 1, “founded_year”: 1 }
)…sort({ “founded_year”: 1 }).limit(5)

the two answers are correct but the latter is better. I chose the latter but was marked wrong so I chose the former and was marked wrong again. I failed the quiz only to review the detailed answer and see that I made two correct choices but was marked wrong. Now, I have a failed test mark on my course overview. Please consider reversing it or giving some other resolution.

It is because you misunderstood the following part of the question:

Check all answers that apply:

You first only selected one and failed because you did not check all answers that apply. You then selected another correct answer but you failed because you did not check all answers that apply.

All this to say that do not worry about failing one quiz. You still have the completion certificate if you get the passing grade.

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Hello Steeve, you are right. Somehow I failed to notice that requirement for this one quiz. I apologize for the trouble. And thank you for pointing it out, otherwise I may not have noticed it on my own for some reasons.