M001 Chapter 3 not available

Hi guys. I have finished M001 chapters 1 and 2.
In MongoDB University says chapter 3 is unlocked, but I cant access it.

Doesn’t it unlock next Tuesday? Aren’t we still on the first week of this M001 run?

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It says “Unlocked” in “Released” field. And in “Deadline” field, it is written the date “20/11”. I suppose I have to wait next tuesday, based on your reply???

@Christiano_54407 AFAIK we are still in week 2, mine says unlocked also but has no entry under "released’. I think “unlocked” just means the course as a whole is unlocked since you registered and the class has started.

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Yep… MongU are pacing their students. Could be various reasons for it…

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Ok,thanks guys.I gonna wait.