M001 Chapter 3 Lab - Which database and collection to use


Using On-Demand

This is the Question:-

Practice Question:

People often confuse New York City as the capital of New York state, when in
reality the capital of New York state is Albany.

Add a boolean field “capital?” to all documents pertaining to Albany NY, and
New York, NY. The value of the field should be true for all Albany documents
and false for all New York documents.

So I am using inbuilt IDE and reading the question, but I am assuming from the question we are meant to work on the sample_training database with the collection zips.

Since it isn’t actually specified in the question. Ambiguity is a real time waste.


PS - Not a big fan of the IDE, thank goodness I can connect using VSC.

Hi @NMullins,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We will look into it and make the necessary changes accordingly.

We are also working on updating the current version of IDE for improving the user experience. I would love to know more about your experience using the IDE. I have sent you a personal message. Looking forward to hear more from you.


Hi Shubham,

This is my exact question as I am unable to understand the exact DB to work with. Please assist me regarding the same as well.

Thanks and Regards

Use above db and collection